I tried again with the wireless feature of the printer, but had no luck. I read that Windows firewall might be the culprit. Instead of investing in more time to get it running, I continue to hook it up with ethernet cable, at least it is networked (so I can print from my laptop or netbook),but not wireless.

However, after I made some changes to the router, D-Link DIR-601, settings, it stopped to print. The error was print error, job cannot complete, or something like that. After many Ts & Es, I finally get it to work with all the settings I made in the router: Auto-configure IPv6 (It’s a newer standard than IPv4) and adding Primary and Secondary DNS Addresses using OpenDNS (including this will find searches faster, especially when you type in some weird words using your search engine) . 

Apparently, I need to change one configuration inside the printer port connection. How to get to that:

  • Start/Devices and Printers
  • Select printer HL-2170W (should be your default)
  • Right click for extended menu/Printer Properties
  • you will see tabs General/Sharing/Ports/…/Tray Settings
  • Click on Ports, a check mark should already be placed for the port your printer is connected
  • Click on button Configure Port…in Printer Name or IP Address, type in the Static IP address you have assigned for your printer (this is crucial because the computer will automatically use the printer name, instead of the IP address, which stops the print job from printing) 
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