*Setting up Static IP address for your printer: Do this in your router. To connect it’s either (D-Link) or (Trendnet), best check your router manual. Type the directly into your browser, treat it as URL. Your manual will tell you what is password, the userid should be admin. (make sure you change the admin password if you have a new router, cause default is standard for same model, i.e., if your neighbour has one like my DIR-601 and I didn’t change the admin password, he can tinker with my router !!!) Yes, it’s kinda technical. Ok, once you get in, you will see all sort of setting options. In my D-Link, I want Network Settings. Toward the bottom, you will see Number of Dynamic DHCP Clients (this tells you how many devices are using your router, if you have your desktop and printer connected wired or wireless, two items will show up, if you see 3, someone is snooping!) Each device has a Hardware Address or mac address, it looks like a8:7o:01:8c:1c:8a, the specifications sheet that come with your device should have that number, or google to find out how to locate the mac address of your particular device. Almost there! D-Link makes it easy, in Add/Edit DHCP Reservation select your device using the drop down menu, and use Copy Your PC’s  Mac Address and click save. All that is to assign a specific IP address for your device. In other words, every time you connect to the router, the printer will be (if that’s what you setup). Lastly, each device, iPhone, WIFI stick, Laptop WIFI, PS3, etc will have its own IP address for that connection session, if you haven’t setup static ip for each one of them, i.e., the router assigns one as it connects. Play around and you will understand this concept better.