If you just purchased a new WiFi router and has never used one before here are some tips I think will be helpful:

There are three essential things you need to do first*:

  1. Change the router admin password; i.e., the master control of your router
  2. Setup you own SSID, basically the name of your wireless network
  3. Setup a WPA2 password to connect to the WiFi router
Here are the whys:
  1. if you don’t change the router master password, someone like me who has done a few setup will know the default password, and if I were really mean, I could render it unworkable for you:99% true.
  2. Your own SSID gives you an identity, look at your wireless connection list on your computer that shows what wireless connections are available in your vicinity, I bet you will see a few D-Links,  defaults, … those are the ones that a unique SSID haven’t been setup. In fact, you may have been using someone else’s connection all along, or vice versa, if the SSID remains as “default” or “D-Link” and no password has been setup. Don’t forget your plan has download and upload limits,  hence you don’t want other people using your MB for free, do you? 
  3. WPA2 is pretty much the current default password encryption protocol. WEP, an earlier protocol, is easier to hack. (some devices may not connect with a WPA2 password protocol, like my Sony PSP, beware!) 
If you want to be even more secure, mac address restriction is the way to go. It restricts your assigned devices with known mac addresses to connect to the router, and no device-else.

Lastly, back to my 99%, in case your router was held hostage, you can always perform a reset to default (look for a pin-hole at the back of the router, and press it for 30 seconds: read manual). Then follow my instructions above. 


* I know the vendor usually supplies a CD for installation, I find that if you don’t follow their instructions to a tee, it may not work properly, and causes frustration. Try CD first and use my advice as a back-up solution. 

BTW, to connect to the router, it is either (D-Link) or (Trendnet), best check your router manual. 

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