Just saw the Acer Aspire S3, a new line of ultra slim notebook that looks like MacBook Air. Based on my memory, it has a i5-2467m, and 4GB RAM. Interesting thing is that it has two drives, a 340GB hard-drive, and a 20GB SSD drive. I checked the My Computer; however, it only shows the C:\ drive of 280 GB (don’t know where is the other 60 GB), and I don’t see the 20GB SSD drive at all or displayed. Since I was in Costco, I couldn’t look into the BIOS to check the configurations. I think the SSD probably is used for the OS to enhance boot speed and operations. It’s priced at $899, $100 less than the base model MacBook Air with i5, 64GB SSD.

Last checked, Future Shop also has the model at $899.99.

It’s interesting and light, that’s all I will say.


Update: apparently the SSD is for waking up quickly after in hibernation mode; so not at all for quick boot, which would have been nice.