Browsers: Google Chrome is the best IMO….


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There are not many talks about Google’s Chrome browser, and how brilliant it may capture more and more users. Honestly, using Chrome is a bit like not having a tablet, but in fact, one does.

So the first page is like every other browsers with a page that display webpages you have visited recently, and the second is the key: Google Web Store. So far, everything that I downloaded were FREE… They include Angry Birds,  Bejeweled, Flixster,… you got my drift; Apps that you might have to pay in the Apple’s appstore, or Android’s market! The best thing is that there are tons to choose from and to try!

I think this is really smart on Google’s part. At this point, most people still don’t have a tablet, which means they still use a laptop; hence, they need a browser, which is part of an OS anyway (IMO, IE always sucks, Firefox is getting tired, Opera never works properly with page display, Safari I used it for a while and was my favourite). In other words, Google is using the foot-in-the-door technique to get people to think of apps in the Chrome webstore, so that they may think that only with Google’s OS you can use them… hence, the next step,they will buy an Android phone!? Cause, I bet you some will think that if these apps work in Chrome, I need to get something that is run by Google. That’s strategy! Apple did it the other way around. (From my experience, a lot of people still don’t quite understand the concept of apps, and where to get them…what they are)

So the apps in Chrome, NOT Chrome’s, is one feature that I like, the other is the “Incognito” mode CLT-SHIFT-N, which leaves no trails of where you have been surfing!!!  i.e., no history, no cache, … (I am sure the real specialist will know how to find them, but for us lay-person it is good enough). Firefox in its latest version also has included it calls Private Browsing CLT-SHIFT-P; same command in IE9.  Obviously, every browser had caught on with this feature. You should use this feature while on a public PC if offered.




iOS 5: Safari Browser’s Reader

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Nowadays, websites are full of boxes of stuff, i.e., usually three columns, left side with contents of sort, and right side with commercials and advertisement, and only the middle 2/3 is the article that you want to really read. Before, I tapped the content of the article to expand it to fit page and read… It might work with some scrolling, re-zooming, etc, but it was never satisfying!

The solution: The Reader built in Safari browser for iOS 5. If you haven’t noticed yet, it appears when a page that can use the Reader, a grey icon labelled Reader can be found on the right end of the URL box: the place you type in

To activate the Reader, tap it and it will change to blue and a new page with only the article shows up, and read like a regular plain text page.

Another great idea is that the dictionary is available with the Reader, so you can look up a word’s definition by pressing on it until “copy|define” shows. This also works on the main webpage if the Reader is showing. In other words, no Reader no dictionary!

The irony is that we always go back to where we started? Web-page was very text base when it started in the 80’s.