The demo for OnLive Desktop looks pretty cool, so I try to look for the app for my iPad, but all I can find is OnLive Viewer. After a quick google search, and looking up their,, own blog I find out it is only available for US users.

From what I know it is based on Citrix, which has been around for at least 10 years, cause I remember they used to sell a monthly plan to run ACCPAC on their remote server… Assuming (lazy to lookup) that’s how they are doing it for OnLive Desktop, I wonder if we will experience the same bandwidth problem? I hope we will have it in Canada soon. It looks handy!

Unfortunately, Microsoft does have us hooked on Microsoft Office… (for my demographic especially, 45-60) cause our entire work-lives has been using Office, it’s like the bike we learned when young, i.e., we will always know how to ride one despite anything else. That’s too bad!


P.S. Despite Open Office is just as features-ful as MS Office, I still prefer MS Office cause format compatibility is still an issue, i.e., when you created a document formatted with beautiful bullets, and text boxes and open up all over the place with another app… you almost want to cry. Oh, well! that’s why I continue to use MS Office.