Microwave oven

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Yes, iOS is not open-source, but it is a good thing for those who want a clean design. As such, iOS is clean, easy to use, admittedly not too fancy as Android OS that you can tailor with big and small icons, mini screens popping out of nowhere and everywhere, swipe screens up-down-left-right… Honestly, it’s too busy for me. I tried and tried these Android tablets, and they were frankly unfriendly and made me dizzy! Usually after two minutes, I told myself,  $399, no way!

For a consumer sometime less is more! Honestly, how many people know all the numbers you need to push and program to make a pot roast in the microwave oven? Unfortunately, gadgets makers sometime work on the theory that having more choices means consumers or I am willing to pay more: think again gadgets makers!

Anyway, my point is that iPad has no competition because its design and ease-of-use has no match yet! Yes, it doesn’t play flash videos…but it seems Darwinism is winning here, with more and more commercial websites are now providing videos compatible with iPad. Didn’t Adobe say it was dropping flash soon?

I am confident to say that iPad will be the iPod in 2000’s. In other words, no MP3 player has matched iPod popularity ever (not even Sony that creates the category of portable music: Walkman), cause iPod is simple, ease-of-use, and looks great with each version that came before!


P.S. I have an iPad and use it as soon as my eyes are open…to check weather and news.     : )  Quel joie de vivre!