While I was fuzzing with my Photo Album and Photo Stream trying to delete photos on my iPhone4, I learned something else: Find My iPhone when you log into iCloud.com. That’s the place where you can look at the stuff in your iCloud if you have set up to upload your pictures, contacts, backup, etc.

Fig 1. iCloud.com

Once you log in with your Apple ID, you will not miss a mid-size icon “Find My iPhone”.

Fig 2. To get to iCloud settings on iPhone, or iPad

As long as you have turned ON “Find My iPhone” setting on iPhone, the location will be shown on a map, in your browser after you log-in to iCloud, much like any GPS driven application. The coolest part is you can remotely lock your device! and also send a sound message to locate your device, i.e., to scare the guy perhaps, and if he has your device on, or you also have the option to send a message. After you send a sound message, you will also get an email saying that the Find My iPhone has been activated.

Overall, I think this is a good to have, especially for the remote lock feature.  Another way to secure your phone is with the screen lock. In the option, you can select to delete all your information on the phone if after 1o wrong attempts of the passcode. Well, it’s a bit Mission Impossible… perhaps, it should self-destruct with 10 attempts?! LOL.

Of course, if you lost your phone, call your service provider immediately, so that they can de-register your SIM-card. With Rogers, I can do it through My Rogers on the web.

So back to my original fuzzing. I like the photostream feature, where you take a picture with your iPhone and it will display on your iPad, or iPhoto (if you are using Macbook,etc) , but I can’t delete any pictures in the Photostream folder (Now I know they are cached up in iCloud)! So the trick is to log-in to iCloud, on top right , your Apple ID name will show, click and a drop down will give you the setting option, click and select Advance. There you will be able to Reset Photostream. However, make sure that you turn off photostream setting and on again on your device for the change to take effect.

Well, there is always something to learn!


info: http://www.apple.com/ca/ipad/built-in-apps/find-my-ipad.html

Setting up Photostream on a PC: http://www.apple.com/ca/icloud/setup/pc.html