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Something that watch lover like me may overlook is using the 6th generation iPod as a watch! Why?! It’s cool and way better looking that a Timex or Swatch. Don’t forget it’s also a full function iPod; it means music, radio, Nike’s fitness … In addition, 18 faces to choose from. Now that’s a watch’s enthusiast w**-dream! 18 interchangeable watches in one!

I am not saying this is for a true watch connoisseur with a Hublot, TAG, Patek, Cartier on their wrist, but someone who just likes watch as a piece of art jewelry for the moment.

It’s no coincidence that Apple store is now selling metallic wrist bands that fit iPod; they know there is a market out there, and the trend will catch on.

Since I already own multiple iPods, I think best is to get one refurbished ($99 bf taxes in Canada). The saved $ will get me a plastic watch band @ $30. A Swatch is more expensive and I can’t listen to radio.

I know it’s a geeky toy, but it’s so cool, but totally justifiable with its multi-functions.


info: http://www.apple.com/ca/ipodnano/features.html#clock-faces