Motion control for Mac and PC

Leave a comment, LEAP, a San Francisco base company  is marketing a device no bigger than a deck of cards that plugs into a USB port for motion control. In other words, the mouse can retire soon if thing goes well.

Now this will be pretty cool if you hook it up to your computer and HDMI to a large-screen TV and use motion control for what you do, like in the demo video zoom in on map and out, or play Fruit Ninja ! (Can this be a threat to game consoles?) Imagine, using it for multiple displays and pretend you are Tom Cruise in Minority Report (2002) , swiping screens, zooming in and out, ….

From the youtube demo, the rendering looks quite accurate and it seems to be able to do 3D modelling as well.

Right now there are limited devices that can be pre-ordered at US $70! (Looks like LEAP will ship it to Canada). That’s a pretty good deal.

As usual, first generation product may have bugs or hardware issues ( I am just saying). It seems like this may be a hit. However, with Windows 8, heavily touch-base interface, coming out soon, I don’t know if MS has the same trick up its sleeve? Since they already have the Kinect technology?! We’ll see, won’t we?



Copy and Paste with auto URL included

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I am trying to improve my vocabulary by copying and pasting new words and its sentences from articles, so that I learn by understanding the content with the word usage and have something to refer back to.

So today I was reading an article in the New Yorker,, and found the word “dyspeptic”; I copied (Ctrl C) and pasted (Ctrl V) the sentence with the word to WORD, and BAM! underneath the sentence that I just copied  showed Read more: and an URL address. At first, I thought the link was related to the hyper-link in that sentence,which was kinda cool in itself, but after clicking on the URL it took me back to the original article.

Of course the intention is not that we can create reference notations easily, but this is a tool to generate traffic back to the site. Technically, it uses javascript to facilitate this function on your site, so that whoever copy+paste content from your site will automatically include the URL onto the pasted document, which likely to be an e-mail. In other words, your friend that receives the email can now go to the source article directly. (Go to   for more information, since they started this service).

So how is this different from the share-link buttons mostly available now? Well, for one, you can show your friend exactly what you want them to read in the article, instead they have to read the whole thing when they click on the link you send them.

I tried other sites to see if this has become a norm? the answer is no. I had successes with the New Yorker, and the Business Insider,, but not with the Globe and Mail, nor the Toronto Star, and the L.A.Times neither.

If more sites are starting to use this, it will become a great research tool! Mind you, it’s just more efficient.


What’s next?!

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Nothing came out lately was endearing, gadget-wise. Most manufacturers are just in an uncreative-none-risk taking phase now, i.e., tweeting or enhancing with what are already working. I mean even the iPad is a bit underwhelming now.

On the video side, blu-ray never took off. How many times people will upgrade their movies collection? The fact that blu-ray disc is averaging $20 Cdn does not help either. Yes, some are discounted at $10 each, but likely those movies that have already been seen multiple times. So, what manufacturers like Sony, Samsung, and the likes do? Package blu-ray disc players with wifi and steaming capabilities. New idea? NO! Think about PS3! BTW, still one of the top rated multi-players. Average WiFi ready and non dongle version player runs about $150 retail. PS3 $250!

What about TVs? LCD, LED, Plasma… Obviously, the barrier to purchase has long been eliminated. A 720p 32inch LCD tv can be had for about $350. I got my 42-inch projection 1080p tv for $3000 in 2001. A high-quality 50-inch tv is about $1,200-$1,600. I believe 50-inch is the ideal size, especially some movies are still shown in letterbox. Once again, manufacturers are integrating tv sets with WiFi to charge you more! If you are like me with different means or gadgets to tell weather conditions, having the ability to display it on the tv may not be that thrilling; besides, doesn’t every city have its own weather channel? C’mon, we can surf the web with the big-screen tv. Trust me, it’s nothing exciting to work a mouse on your couch handle, or on a foldable table you eat tv dinner on. What about getting e-mails? Facebook and twitter? If you want everyone in the living room read them too, then it’s a great idea! That’s why people are buying privacy screens for their laptops.

iPod = portable music, period.

Every game console has motion detection now, so it is just a matter of taste and loyalty. Same goes for portable game unit. I play simple games like Jewel, Sudoku, and Bowling, so my iPhone is fine.

Now that we have been using personal computers for over 30 years, truly there is nothing sexy or special about it anymore. Hence, when have you seen a software commercial lately? and I dare anyone will lineup overnight to get Windows8! Microsoft had its Windows 95 moment, but beyond that…. Zzzzzzzz.

Digital camera: what is old is new again!

I am not lying, there is no excitement out there!