Nothing came out lately was endearing, gadget-wise. Most manufacturers are just in an uncreative-none-risk taking phase now, i.e., tweeting or enhancing with what are already working. I mean even the iPad is a bit underwhelming now.

On the video side, blu-ray never took off. How many times people will upgrade their movies collection? The fact that blu-ray disc is averaging $20 Cdn does not help either. Yes, some are discounted at $10 each, but likely those movies that have already been seen multiple times. So, what manufacturers like Sony, Samsung, and the likes do? Package blu-ray disc players with wifi and steaming capabilities. New idea? NO! Think about PS3! BTW, still one of the top rated multi-players. Average WiFi ready and non dongle version player runs about $150 retail. PS3 $250!

What about TVs? LCD, LED, Plasma… Obviously, the barrier to purchase has long been eliminated. A 720p 32inch LCD tv can be had for about $350. I got my 42-inch projection 1080p tv for $3000 in 2001. A high-quality 50-inch tv is about $1,200-$1,600. I believe 50-inch is the ideal size, especially some movies are still shown in letterbox. Once again, manufacturers are integrating tv sets with WiFi to charge you more! If you are like me with different means or gadgets to tell weather conditions, having the ability to display it on the tv may not be that thrilling; besides, doesn’t every city have its own weather channel? C’mon, we can surf the web with the big-screen tv. Trust me, it’s nothing exciting to work a mouse on your couch handle, or on a foldable table you eat tv dinner on. What about getting e-mails? Facebook and twitter? If you want everyone in the living room read them too, then it’s a great idea! That’s why people are buying privacy screens for their laptops.

iPod = portable music, period.

Every game console has motion detection now, so it is just a matter of taste and loyalty. Same goes for portable game unit. I play simple games like Jewel, Sudoku, and Bowling, so my iPhone is fine.

Now that we have been using personal computers for over 30 years, truly there is nothing sexy or special about it anymore. Hence, when have you seen a software commercial lately? and I dare anyone will lineup overnight to get Windows8! Microsoft had its Windows 95 moment, but beyond that…. Zzzzzzzz.

Digital camera: what is old is new again!

I am not lying, there is no excitement out there!