www.leapmotion.com, LEAP, a San Francisco base company  is marketing a device no bigger than a deck of cards that plugs into a USB port for motion control. In other words, the mouse can retire soon if thing goes well.

Now this will be pretty cool if you hook it up to your computer and HDMI to a large-screen TV and use motion control for what you do, like in the demo video zoom in on map and out, or play Fruit Ninja ! (Can this be a threat to game consoles?) Imagine, using it for multiple displays and pretend you are Tom Cruise in Minority Report (2002) , swiping screens, zooming in and out, ….

From the youtube http://youtu.be/_d6KuiuteIA demo, the rendering looks quite accurate and it seems to be able to do 3D modelling as well.

Right now there are limited devices that can be pre-ordered at US $70! (Looks like LEAP will ship it to Canada). That’s a pretty good deal.

As usual, first generation product may have bugs or hardware issues ( I am just saying). It seems like this may be a hit. However, with Windows 8, heavily touch-base interface, coming out soon, I don’t know if MS has the same trick up its sleeve? Since they already have the Kinect technology?! We’ll see, won’t we?