Chrome for iOS

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As I said in Browsers: Google Chrome is the best IMO…., there are a lot of things that make it easy to use with the desktop version, and now Google up the ante and came out with the iOS version.

These are the goodies I noticed:

1) you can use voice control in the browser, i.e., if you say New York Times, it will do a google search and display the page link, as if you type it in. This is pretty kewl because you can do google search hands-free. It not Siri, but I was able to ask it to show me Toronto temperature and map, yes, I do have to click to expand, but less typing! (American English only!)

2) it will sync with other chrome browsers that you have on. For example, I was reading the Star on desktop, the sync page will show that and I can open it on my iPad … it syncs with my iPhone and desktop automatically without me touching the settings.

3) The incognito mode is available, and you can easily switch between the two, there is an icon to do that on top right. Now, it will be nice to have that with the desktop version.

4)Bookmarks are sync on all devices including access to desktop’s!

5)The look and feel is the same as the desktop version, so no learning curve. It has a dedicated bookmark page, just swipe.

I am impressed with it! I was using Atomic Lite for its incognito mode, I just deleted the app, sorry. Safari is native to iOS, it stays but I don’t think I will need it much.



Microsoft Surface

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English: Microsoft surface table

English: Microsoft surface table (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The latest buzz was the surfacing of the soon-2-come Microsoft Surface tablet. As usual, MS is going to give you choices, whether is stripe-down RT version, or the full Win8 experience.

From what I have read and seen in the news, the drawing point to this tablet is MS R&Ding the whole thing, i.e., no third party! I guess with MS deep pocket, it can be exciting?!

The appeal as they try to market it is the rainbow colours array of the gadget (focusing a demographics of 16-25, perhaps!). To me, nothing of a wow here, looking at them. Sure, the tablet and keyboard are thin, but so are some ultra-thin notebooks on sales now. So, after you upgrade it to Win8, how is it different? especially when the ultra sells for its quick boot time, and wake time already.

I already talked about Android tablets weakness (for some) was with their multiple-versions open source system, but will the close source Win8 base tablet wins over established iOS’s?

Despite all, with anything new, don’t and go for 2nd generation, if there is going to be! That’s the cardinal rule for consumers, whether they are gadgets, appliances, or automobile.

The one think I am curious is how the keyboard works? motion sensor, i.e., like how we type on smartphones or iPad or Android tablets? If it is based on mechanical compression, press down, then it will be a failure! cause, there are Bluetooth keyboards that do the same with iPad! Now, it will be interesting if the keyboard is backlit, i.e., the key lights up as you type! you know, like how we see it in movie, clear glass keyboard, as you type, the key lights up and shows the letter….

Buying gadget is about seeing and feeling, so let’s wait till the real thing comes out!

Weather … we love to talk about!

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Weather is one thing we talk about socially, so with iPhone it is handy to have WeatherEye app, which other than shows the short and long-term forecasts, it also shows the hourly temperature predictions.

The native Weather app that comes with iPhone didn’t seem to show the same hourly information, until I found out today that it does:

You have to drag the “day” bar down to expose the hourly temperature predictions, i.e., if today is Sunday, tap on Sunday and drag it down to reveal them:

I know this is trivia, but interesting to find that out, cause I do prefer the Weather layout more.

The other thing you may know is that notifications will give you weather forecasts as well: drag and slide the top bar on any page that shows your provider/clock/battery. Swipe the weather bar will give you the current condition, and vice-versa.

Rain Alarm is another app that I like that shows precipitation forecasts.