Like us the 99% ( I trust the 1% will never notice that I post this), perhaps, you will find this useful when you go grocery shopping. In addition to the thousands of brands, and millions of nutrition labels to process, the last thing you want is to worry about prices as well. A package with three chicken breasts at $10.25 looks right, a bag of carrots $2.50 sounds good, a 250 g box of blueberries at $1.99 is right on for some natural disease-fighting antioxidant… This is what I call shop-like-the-retailers-want-you-to. Now, if you want to shop-so-that-your-hard-earned-money-is-not-wasted, the AppBox Lite (iPhone) is certainly handy to make sure that you get value-for-money.

Fig 1: AppBox Lite homepage

AppBox Lite

The Price Grab is what I use often to get unit prices comparisons. Like in Fig 2, I compare the price/ml of Coke package in 2L bottle and a six-pack of 710ml each. I 100x the price so that the app will show more meaningful unitized prices. So with this example, I want to buy the 2L bottle.

Fig 2: example use to compare different Coke packages

The other use is conversion of weight measurements, like pounds to kilograms. If you don’t pay attention, you will be fooled when something seem to be a great buy. When you are at the meat section in Canada, the retailers love to confuse you with per lb advertisements, but with actual kilograms packaging. Remember 1 kg is more than 1 lb, or exactly 2.2046 lbs (use 2.2 or just 2 as proxy), so if sirloin beef is advertised at a steal of $5.99 a pound, you will see $13.20/kg on the package, so a $16.99 package shows you the weight of 1.2871 kg. To understand what you are paying, always base it on the per kilogram or the common weight measurement, and you will be surprised the un-advertised cut with better quality may be a better buy: $10.99/kg rib-eye vs. $10.99/kg T-Bone…

Fig 3: Units conversion

I know I love this stuff because I am an accountant, but it is not rocket science either to save money while getting the best value for what you buy. To me, it is more a game to out-smart the retailers.


P.S. Why do it in my head when I have a handy helper?!