Apple Event (Oct 23 2012)

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Okay, this is more a validation than waiting for surprises. If you are like me following on news and media before the Oct 23 event, similar to the September’s event, most of today’s announcements follow what had already been discussed, and  here are the run-downs:

(in Cdn$ – finally prices are at par with US)

1) iPad mini 16GB starts at $329, 7.9 ” screen bigger than Google’s Nexus 7″

2) Retina display Mac Book Pro 13″  at $1699, the current generation is still available at $1199

3) New iMac at $1299

4) iPad 4th generation at $499, A6xchip (3rd gen is replaced, but  iPad2 is still available $399)

5) Updated Mac mini $599

The most exciting to see I guess is the iMac, it is very thin in comparison to the last generation; however, one must have a need for a desktop to get one. Yes, it is sexy and reasonably price, but $1299 is still a lot of money that sits at home most of the time. Besides, if you work in an office, the last thing you want is to spend your free time in front of another computer, beautiful and gorgeous though.

The iPad mini will probably attract a certain type of  people, cause with extra $70, I will definitely get the iPad2 with bigger viewable real estate. iPad2 is still relatively thin and portable and can be carry around comfortably with light-weight cover, so perhaps, the targeted consumer of the mini is woman…?!  it will fit better in a LV or Hermés bag, and women have smaller hands too. I can totally see it being marketed as a sexy and luxury tablet with swarovski crystal cover to complete the “look” ?!

As always, I cannot justify the premium to get any of Apple’s computer products, although they all look gorgeous and mesmerizing!


October 26, 2012 – Windows 8

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The date has been announced and you can research it at Downloaded version is $39.99 + taxes, and DVD version is $69.99 + taxes for Windows 8 Professional. I did test out the preview version for about two weeks, and got the gist of the look and feel; now comes the question whether I am ready for it?!

I mean my relatively new i3-2330m, 4GB under Windows  7 – 64 bit is doing quite well, and growing up from Windows 3.1, personally it is hard for me not to have a Start Menu. While fooling around with the preview I felt lost sometimes, and honestly never got to load up microsoft office suite with those tiles.

I see the appeal having it on a tablet or one of those hybrids, but to upgrade now, and to anticipate what can go wrong with a new operating system, I think I will pass for now. Nonetheless, $39.99 + taxes is quite a bargain coming from Microsoft, previous upgrades had always been from $129.99+taxes or you might have got away with an OEM version+ hardware for $99.99 + taxes.

Bottom-line is that I like my Windows 7 machine, and it seldom gives me problems. The wise thing to do is to wait and see. Apparently the special prices end January 31, 2013, so I will keep reading reviews and decide later: NO RUSH!