The date has been announced and you can research it at Downloaded version is $39.99 + taxes, and DVD version is $69.99 + taxes for Windows 8 Professional. I did test out the preview version for about two weeks, and got the gist of the look and feel; now comes the question whether I am ready for it?!

I mean my relatively new i3-2330m, 4GB under Windows  7 – 64 bit is doing quite well, and growing up from Windows 3.1, personally it is hard for me not to have a Start Menu. While fooling around with the preview I felt lost sometimes, and honestly never got to load up microsoft office suite with those tiles.

I see the appeal having it on a tablet or one of those hybrids, but to upgrade now, and to anticipate what can go wrong with a new operating system, I think I will pass for now. Nonetheless, $39.99 + taxes is quite a bargain coming from Microsoft, previous upgrades had always been from $129.99+taxes or you might have got away with an OEM version+ hardware for $99.99 + taxes.

Bottom-line is that I like my Windows 7 machine, and it seldom gives me problems. The wise thing to do is to wait and see. Apparently the special prices end January 31, 2013, so I will keep reading reviews and decide later: NO RUSH!