I jumped the smartphone bandwagon after a defiant move not to get the then sought after iPhone One,  instead I opted for the Google phone, we called it HTC Dream here in Canada. The experience was not bad with my well-endowed 6 GB data plan, which up till now I hardly use 15% of it each month. I don’t download or stream videos; it’s tedious. And there is nothing wrong with my now iPhone4.

Neither am I a social media drudge typing mindlessly on the small keyboard updating my status or posting photos or txting. However, txt is good for one thing:2-the-point. Like 6pm same location; running late ETA 15 mins… short and sweet. It replaces those filler conversations during a call of “How are you?”  “What are you up to”…(after 3-4 mins) “Hey, listen I will be late, maybe 15 mins!” Txt is efficient up to the point one should really write and send an email instead.

Perhaps most people are on the same page here, cause I hardly get any phone calls anymore, except those irritating spams. My mom and I are on face-time now, so even long-distance I  hardly use.

Music. I never think it is a good idea to use your phone for music: a) takes up digital space; b) reduces battery life.

Games. I am too old to learn.

It brings to my point; it is time to stop thinking more is better, and jump off that ideology of multitasking! or the need of it. Why? it sounds fabulous, but most things end up half-baked. Multiple-purpose photocopier/printer/scanner/ fax is the best example of its products turn out being mediocre and the process slow. Another problem is we tend to overzealous of all the potential uses it offers, but hardly use more than one of them. Besides, the manual is usually 500 pages long and with thickness of a brick. Are you saying you have mastered your smartphone menus and settings and that I am dead wrong?! Afraid not.

I want optimal experiences! so I am now using dedicated gadgets.

I use my 5th generation 80GB iPod (2005) for music during workout, on subway, on walks. My entire music library is on it, with additional podcasts that I listen to. I bought new battery from Amazon to give it new life (at least 8 hours playtime), and I pair it with CNET recommended  Panasonic ErgoFit RP-HJE120 Earbud Headphones-$9.99 at Winners:marvellous.

I read books on my Kobo Mini! The best $40 I had spent in a long time. Books are free from my local library. I use Overdrive to download books to my computer, then copy and paste them to Adobe Digital Edition, and from there copy to my eReader via USB-takes 2 minutes! Glass-base smartphones are just not ideal for reading books; perusing pdfs is a different story!    

So why a smartphone? txt, receive and send emails, some apps, and the occasional internet search. Therefore, it begs the question when we will ditch smartphones and go for 7-inch tablets with 4G or LTE service instead? It is certainly easier on the eyes, and more functional when pairs with bluetooth keyboard for typing emails, and do some work perhaps?! CloudOn app is a functional office suite in the Cloud, do you know?!

Finally, with my process of reduction, our cellphone should really be the size of any bluetooth earphone. All it needs is a contact list with names, phone numbers, and voice activated OS to dial out and received calls, which we do now anyway with the phone as the control centre. In fact, we have been doing that since we have single-purpose cellphone.

What about Google glasses for video-calls?! or better, an iWatch/Phone?!

Funny, we love to go in circle!