I have been having problems with my Kobo Mini, specifically the WiFi connection. Although It connected after several trials, it never bound and became a [Known Network]…In other words, every time I connected to the internet, I had to scan the SSID, and enter password; that was a pain in the a**.

After many trials and errors, including rebooting, and factory reset, I finally got it to work again. Once I show you, you will say,”Is that all?” Yes, it is.

The problem was with Kobo sign-in.

To correct problem, go to Settings/Accounts/Kobo-Sign Out. It will bring you to the screen saying Do you want to setup WiFi? Say yes, and follow steps, which are the same if you were to setup Kobo Mini the first time.

After main menu shows up, go back to settings and sign in to Kobo account again. VoilĂ !

I am guessing the data file was corrupted or unreadable after the update; hence, it creates a conflict between the connection and Kobo account.

I spent two days trying to figure this out, so now you don’t have to.


P.S. It doesn’t like [Invisible SSID]!