LG Stylus 3 M400N

Most people are excited about a new flagship launch, Samsung S8, Apple iPhone 7, …for me a bang-for-the-buck accountant I get excited with budget phones that are true value for money. The allure of “trendy” eludes me because my pocket is not deep, and I don’t live in a sea of debts.


Redmi Note 3

I bought the Redmi Note 3 in 2016 for a meager HK$1,499 (US$ 200), and I have been liking it since. I am getting an exceptional good product that have features and hardwares comparable to a flagship’s. I have finger sensor on the phone, which is a delight to use. It can be programmed to recognize both left and right fingers. It is a snappy phone, with true 1080p display. The only problem I have is the LTE bandwidth frequency which is not compatible with FIDO in Canada. (A great site to check for compatibility Honestly, this is more than a technical nuance: 4G vs 4G Lte.

Although I am satisfy with the Redmi, I also like new gadgets. One day I was web-browsing and I saw the new LG Stylus 3 selling at a special price HK$1,698. After doing a specs check, I concluded that I needed to have this phone. The main reason is for the stylus, it is more convenient if you use handwriting inputs for Asian languages: Chinese, Japanese, etc. Sure, you can do that without, but with the stylus it is more accurate.

Of course, being a phone of a certain niche and at the lower-end compares to the new flagship LG G6, I will have to sacrifice some features: 720p display and only one option of a 16GB internal SD. So how I’d give up a 1080p & 32 GB Redmi?

In a small screen 1080p and 720p is hardly noticeable. True, the colors are more saturated with a 1080p or 2K screen, but human eyes will adapt quickly.  An inadequate 16GB storage should make it a laughing stalk in 2017, but not if you read the fine print that it supports an external SD card up to 2T (in theory of course, 256GB SD card is the max so far.) One caveat, I notice some apps can not load onto the SD card, that it may be a problem down the road, since there doesn’t seem to be storage management tools available to solve the problem. Simply say, I can’t load too many apps on the phone. It’s fine with me.

If you are looking for a new Android phone with a snappy Octo-CPU, a stylus to make notes or input Japanese Hiragana and Katakana, and Android Nougat,  this is a good option. Unless, you want to wait for the flagship Samsung Note 8 coming out this year.