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My mom is 84 and I have been helping her to tackle her computer problems for over 5 years, yes, sometimes, long-distance. She lives in Hong Kong, and I in Toronto. On my recent trip I showed her my iPad and iPhone, and I could tell she loved to have either one, but her logical mind told her that it would be too difficult to learn to use them… yet after showing her the two fingers pinch to reduce the page and finger swipe to turn pages, her eyes dazzled.

So I figure there are a lot of people like my mom out there who just gets intimidated, and for them the biggest worry is to look “un-intelligent” in front of their kids, spouses, friends, etc. yet, they love to have one so that not to fall behind: intellectually.

Hence, this site intends to help people who are techno-phobes and to turn them to techno-philes one day, perhaps?!

Although my day job is in accounting and finance, I love gadgets since I was young. So I am here to share with you my trial-and-error stories both learned through work, and my own financed toys/gadgets and time. In the process, I hope to save you hours and hours from being intimidated, aggravated, dis-interested, …so stay tuned.



P.S. I know I don’t know it all, so if you have constructive comments, do include them, so that we can learn together…

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