There are iPhone 5, new iPod Nano, updated iPod Touch, and the new iOS6. I watched the 3 1/2 hours CNET’s weblog, and nothing coming out of this event really excited me.

The iPhone 5 is slimmer, longer (1 icon row length), and lighter with a faster processor, but that’s about it. It uses a new “lighting” connector; however, you can buy an adaptor to use the old one.

The all new iPod nano is going back to a rectangular-size with built-in Nike Air Fitness. You can play videos, but Apple didn’t turn the dial back enough to include a camera that takes videos. The colours are interestingly more pastel than vibrant. The face has white bezel rimmed with colour of your choice. White + colour, I am not sure it is the best design combo! This new nano will ship with the new earpods, which took them 3 years to develop. There is built-in bluetooth for compatible speakers and headsets.

The iPod Touch has gone beyond black and white, and spotted with some of the new colours shared by the new iPod Nano. There is a strap, “the loop”, attached to it now, I guess for people who takes a lot pictures who may use it as a safeguard ( I will give this a plus, because I am always afraid that my iPhone will fall off a bridge when I am taking a picture on it). 5 megapixel iSight camera that can take 1080p videos. I always view the iPod Touch as an iPhone without the calling functions, but then you can always text and face-time using it as a phone.

In summary, the lighting connector and earpods are new, which means the old connector will be phasing out. Other than that, I feel a bit underwhelmed; my heart was not pounding, nor head spinning to decide what to buy!