Kobo Mini WiFi problem after Reboot…solution

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I have been having problems with my Kobo Mini, specifically the WiFi connection. Although It connected after several trials, it never bound and became a [Known Network]…In other words, every time I connected to the internet, I had to scan the SSID, and enter password; that was a pain in the a**.

After many trials and errors, including rebooting, and factory reset, I finally got it to work again. Once I show you, you will say,”Is that all?” Yes, it is.

The problem was with Kobo sign-in.

To correct problem, go to Settings/Accounts/Kobo-Sign Out. It will bring you to the screen saying Do you want to setup WiFi? Say yes, and follow steps, which are the same if you were to setup Kobo Mini the first time.

After main menu shows up, go back to settings and sign in to Kobo account again. Voilà!

I am guessing the data file was corrupted or unreadable after the update; hence, it creates a conflict between the connection and Kobo account.

I spent two days trying to figure this out, so now you don’t have to.


P.S. It doesn’t like [Invisible SSID]!


Kobo Mini @ $38 (cdn)

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Since Christmas, the Kobo Mini had been selling at $55 each, and I was very tempted to purchase one, as my experience of reading on my iPhone was not the greatest: bit heavy, slippery holding it, and reflection under the sun. With so many books(paper) yet to be read in my house, I let the idea went.

Anyway, long story short, at $38 the 5-inch Kobo is the right price for an e-reader! It’s light, and I can borrow books in Adobe ePub format from my library. It reads well-no reflection like on iPhone or iPad! The touch screen is not the most sensitive and accurate for annotation, but I can bear with it. Although it comes with a broswer like other e-readers, it’s not the fastest yet it works fine. Regardless, I have other devices to surf the web while on the road, so it was never a deal-breaker.

For the e-books you get from the library, they have to be downloaded to Adobe Digital Edition (with registration) first, and upload to e-reader through USB  connection to your computer, which is really just drag & drop.

Bottom-line, it is a great little device that people may overlook and go for the 7″ Kobo Touch or Kindle’s (over-price IMO) instead, but you should really buy this; it’s value for money.

I went through my first book within two days, and it felt great on the eyes, in my hands, and on subway.

But iPad is still a better choice for reading pdf documents; it’s awful with Kobo.


P.S. $38 at (Canada)Bestbuy, Futureshop, and Walmart.